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The Choir

A contemporary vocal ensemble!  Break free from the ordinary with a choir that's as dynamic as it is diverse!


If you’re aged 16 or over (and truly age is not an issue - all ages are welcome)

and love to sing, you’ll fit right in!  You don’t need to be professionally trained or even to have had any singing lessons!  You just need to be passionate about singing and have a desire to sing with others. 


If you’ve never sung in a choir before, that’s absolutely fine!  Our rehearsal sessions will be a safe space for you to learn and develop your skills while singing with others.


A sense of humour is vital and over time you’ll gain confidence…who knows you may even win the “loudest wrong note sung” trophy!


Whilst you’re with SSOCs, you’ll be singing a huge variety of music.  Sometimes, you’ll sing unaccompanied, but most of the time you’ll have the orchestra

behind you.  Not many amateur choirs can boast that.

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