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Vibrant New Orchestra Starting In Devon!

Our vibrant musical endeavour is coming to West Devon! If you play any instrument or if you love to sing this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Stand Sure Orchestra & Choirs are opening their doors in January 2024 and they’re looking for you!

The orchestra and choirs will be focussing on mostly contemporary music with strong rock and pop ties…though there will be some gentler “modern” music too. There are plenty of classical groups out there, but not many ‘rock orchestras/choirs’ and whilst we’re not solely doing rock we won’t be singing or playing anything in a traditional classical sense. I’m hoping to reach a wider demographic of players and audience by putting the modern emphasis in place.

We are welcoming anyone who has a passion and enthusiasm for making music with others. We advise being around grade 5 (or equivalent) on your instrument but this isn’t mandatory…as long as you can read music. People who want to give singing a go don’t need any experience of singing in a group - they just need to be keen.

We are looking for all the traditional orchestra instruments but would also love guitarists, drummers, percussionists, saxophonists…in fact we won’t turn anyone away. A lot of orchestras and bands will only have a certain number of instruments per section. As a classically trained musician I totally get that, however, I believe the music should be for everyone to enjoy making and if I end up with four electric guitars, five flutes, seven clarinets and a triangle, they’ll be put to use! I’m able to write and orchestrate music for the musicians I have.

SSOCs began its life in Wiltshire where I fulfilled a near 30-year dream by starting my own orchestra and choir in 2021. After playing and singing for groups most of my adult life I decided to seize the opportunity during lockdown to put the necessary plans in place to start. A necessary relocation to Devon meant that the group had to fold. It was heartbreaking. We were just gaining momentum and a good following. We had six really good concerts under our belts and there was so much more I wanted to do. Moving to Devon was never on the cards as I had some sort of a life established in Wiltshire, however, it just wasn’t practical to stay there any more so I’m getting a fresh start in beautiful Devon.

The choirs will be split into three groups. Those in primary school, those in secondary school, and adults. The primary school aged choir will be for those 7 - 11, the secondary school choir will be 12 - 18. The adults will be 16 and over. If any older young people want to join the adult choir they’ll be very welcome.

Each group will work on their own songs as well as big group numbers and they’ll be performed at our termly concerts. The first concert in March will be hits from musical theatre, in Summer it’ll be The Beatles. In Winter there’ll be a Halloween Spooktacular, and a Christmas Crackers concert. The orchestra will meet on a Sunday from 11am - 1pm. The choirs will meet on a Thursday; 5 - 6:30pm for Primary, 6:30 - 8pm for Secondary and 8 - 10pm for Adults. This new Devon Orchestra and Choir will rehearse and perform at the Hatherleigh Community Centre starting 7th January 2024.

A termly fee is payable to cover all the necessary costs; which weekly works out cheaper than a swimming session, or, if you prefer, a cup of coffee and slice of cake at your favourite cafe.

We’d love to hear from you so please do register your interest or ask any questions by emailing or find them on Facebook @standsureorchestra.

Chris J Anderson conducting in a church
Chris J Anderson

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